Business Referrals and Resources

 NRBP prides itself on delivering extraordinary service and attention to individual needs of members. Members refer to NRBP as a business concierge and frequently reference the brokered connections offered by NRBP Staff and Ambassadors

 At Events

NRBP staff and Ambassadors spend all of the networking time making introductions for attendees, whether to distinguished speakers or to fellow attendees. 

 By Phone and E-Mail

Members frequently call NRBP to ask for advice on a myriad of issues and topics.  In the interest of getting to the right source, we often make initial contact on behalf of the member to be sure we are reaching a person or source that is willing to assist. 

 Sharing Information

Members often have news they want to disseminate and NRBP assists by including member news in Member Update emails and through social media. NRBP also offers a blog where members can submit content for posting, demonstrating their subject matter expertise.

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