Getting the Most from Your NRBP Membership

NRBP strives to deliver one-on-one service that fits company and individual requirements.  Our ability to deliver on this promise is greatly enhanced when our members tell us what they need.

We offer the following recommendations:


Be an “early bird”: instead of rushing to make it just in time, arriving early will give you more time to engage in conversation with NRBP staff, Ambassadors and attendees.

Stay after the event to continue to network and introduce yourself to the speakers.

Talk to NRBP Ambassadors and find out about other people you should meet.  Ask them for networking tips on how to get the most from NRBP’s events.

Phone Calls and Emails

Let us know by phone and email if you have a challenge that we can help you address. If we can’t provide a direct resource, we will tap the broad range of experience that our members offer.

Contact us before an event and we can advise you on what you can hope to gain, what aspect is particularly relevant for your interests and the likely composition of the audience

Get Involved

Sponsor a program

Join a Council

Recommend NRBP to your connections

Invite guests to events

Let others know the value of NRBP events – what you learned and who you met. That will help to make NRBP stronger and business colleagues will be grateful for the heads-up.

It Works Both Ways

Make it your goal to develop productive, enthusiastic and enduring business relationships – not just “make a sale”. Seek to help others and they are more likely to want to help you.

Give strong consideration to NRBP members when you have a need for a product or service. Consult the NRBP on-line membership directory or call NRBP staff so we can refer you to a member – the same way you would want to gain business.

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